Wrapping Up 2016

Dot in Times Square
Dot in Times Square


As December rolls to a close, so does 2016.

We hope that the year was memorable, wherever you may be.

Approaching 2017, it is necessary for us to look back and see how far we’ve come as a company and as a team — of course, our main focus was creating a technological wonder — to grant a new sense of confidence in mobility and independence.

Many are curious as to what our exact timeline is with the Dot Watch and the future products in our conceptual ecosystem. It’s going to be a very dynamic year for us and we hope that your patient anticipation is rewarded with a fully-functional device that exceeds your expectations, worthy of your confidence.

For the last fiscal quarter of 2016, we’ve been entirely occupied at the hardware and software fronts. It’s a life-changing challenge to develop and polish something that the world hasn’t seen before. However, we’re fueled by the real-life challenges that our visually-impaired peers face every single day — perhaps that’s the reasoning behind our uncountable, overnight work hours here at the Seoul office. The Dot Mini and the Dot Pad developments are up on the drawing board as well, we have great plans in store for achieving wonderful things.

We envision a global launch that includes all regions — after all, we strive for absolute inclusion. Having said that, the localizing efforts and regional/continental hurdles are much more sensitive than estimated prior. Nevertheless, We’re positively looking to an early 2017 global launch of the Dot Watch.

With the full-retail packaging that was meticulously crafted by our design team, we’ll also be happy to provide you with a full-featured Dot Watch App available on your smartphone OS platform. Though conceptually simple, the execution and overcoming the various hurdles by our development team were something to behold.

Within coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our new, revamped website. Along with it, we’re working on a technical film to showcase our devices and the manufacturing process to instill some notion of reality into our work. It is indeed happening and coming very, very soon.

We hope that our efforts bare fruit with you all over the world. Being able to push for something more than just mere awareness — more akin to a movement — will be our core drive in pursuing a fully-integrated, engaged community. We are confident to invite you to the front seat of a revolution in innovation.

Please stay tuned to our web activity as we progress into the new year. We have some awesome things planned ahead. We are truly grateful for your support thus far.

Here’s to the warmest wishes for a fruitful 2017 for all of us.

Let’s create diverse and vibrant communities that leave nobody behind.






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